Saturday, June 29, 2013

Today's Gift

Met up with Chris and Carolyn and drove out in the pouring rain to Cape Solander hoping for the best. After sheltering in the whale watching station, we took advantage of a very brief lull in the rain to show Yena, The Leap and Inscription Point to Chris.
We're very wary of The Leap after Carolyn had a few close calls with waves, but Chris was keen to get as close as possible. I don't know what use a jolly umbrella would have been !

 All I can say is thank goodness for gumboots. In spite of all my precautions many of the shots have water spots on the lens - thankfully rain, not salt water.

I stayed on as it was the first day of my holidays and I wasn't going to be put off so easily by the weather.. Whenever it lets me down a serendipitous gift always seems to cheer me up. This morning it was a hawk which settled in a large banksia tree above my head. I've seen this hawk previously, but only as a tiny blur flying by and impossible to capture clearly


  1. An enjoyable morning in good company inspite of the weather. We must eventually get that "Cracker Sunrise".