Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cronulla Swell

Ended up back at Cronulla today as a planned walk the day before to Boat Harbour had taken a sharp detour and been a waste of time photographically speaking. I'd walked for a kilometre or so before I realised I was headed away from the coast and into scrub where there was absolutely NOTHING of interest to photograph. I decided to try for a Cronulla sunrise this morning. At least there's water, and water never fails to deliver. Combined with a large swell the surfing is usually mesmerising to watch. Can't say it was spectacular as far as sunrises go, but being out in the fresh air in the still of the morning is food for the soul.
 Photography is a learning experience. Almost every time I go 'out and about' a perspective shift is generated. Reviewing my images from today I realise my landscape shots are generally cut in half. I need to make a conscious effort to decide whether I want the sky or the foreground to be dominant because I really don't think it works well according to a 50/50 ratio.

 Impressive waves generated by the large swell

 The extensive spray over Solander Point

The iridescent glow produced on the sand as the water flow receded

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