Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Beauty Of Bombo

Visited Bombo for a sunrise shoot with some of the Focus crew on election day. It's interesting to see the different perspectives on the same location. Sean walked to the other end of the quarry. This is a quick upload just so I'd have something to show for the visit. Still so many to go through but I've decided from now on I'll just upload one image as a record of the location and worry about finding a favourite later.

Although the sunrise wasn't particularly impressive, Bombo itself always is. I could spend days down there and although I didn't manage to make it to my targeted location, I was pretty satisfied with the shots I captured. Next on the bucket list is a visit during a big swell and high tide. I've visited so many times now I'm pretty familiar with the safe and accessible anchor points.
The light did intensify somewhat as the sun rose and luckily I was able to use the cloud formations as a foil in the absence of filters. The two options at Bombo are rocks or water action as I see it and depending on where you stand, there are countless opportunities for POVs.
Bombo is such a dark, brooding location and is perfectly suited to dark, broody processing in my opinion.  Loved playing around with different options. Some of the shots had less than interesting skies so I thought adding some textures may help to camouflage the problem.

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