Sunday, September 22, 2013


When 'out and about' I often spend a substantial time pondering life's quirks, tragedies and gifts. Sometimes I feel part of general humanity with the same experiences occurring in my life as well as the lives of others. Occasionally I feel like a lone voice in the wilderness, prey to each and every vagary of Nature and circumstance. I've discovered that generally one can't make adequate preparations for any life event, as the reality is at the whimsy of the gods, particularly with respect to photographic opportunities. Some of my greatest disappointments have been experienced when expectations were high, and yet, some of my greatest joys have been realised through serendipitous occurrences. I think it is important to remain positive and give thanks for the joys rather than regret the disappointments.

Some questions I have pondered which fall under the exaggeration banner and have generally surfaced when on longer roadtrips:

1. Am I the only human in NSW who doesn't have access to a 4WD ? - I'm sick of having these riding on my bumper.

2. Are black Toyotas utility magnets ? - I can guarantee that as soon as I pull over to take a shot, even when the location is a thousand acre property with neither animal or human in sight, someone in a ute or tractor appears out of thin air and makes me feel like a voyeur.

3. Do butterflies only alight on foliage positioned in the airflow of passing semi trailers ?

4. Why do horses always walk towards you once your finger is about to press the shutter button ?

5. Does anybody else adhere to the speed limit ?

6. Why are most creek beds dry ?

7. Why are outback country roads as busy as Pitt St. in the city, only when it is impossible to pull over to the side of the road?

8. Why do people turn into their driveways  when I have pulled up to take a photograph ?

9. Why are hay bales always wrapped in ugly green plastic ?

10. Why is the sun always setting on the opposite side of the highway with no room to pull over ?

 And finally, for the moment at least, and this is expressed most uncharitably:
Why is it that when someone walks into the frame of a great shot I've just set up, is it someone who is most unphotogenic ?

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