Friday, January 30, 2015

Swell Time Back At Bombo

With a rumoured swell of 4 metres at Bombo we headed off yet again. The rain had been falling continuously for the previous few days so we were also expecting lots of puddles which are great for shots. The swell wasn't disappointing but the quarry held so much water it was impossible to access sections of the location. The presence of a gusty wind also destroyed any chance of reflections.

Bombo presents a different face each time we visit depending on where we stand and the weather conditions.  We had been keen to capture water cascading down the backs of the rocky pillars but unfortunately the large waves were infrequent and we couldn't seem to anticipate well.
Just being there to witness the power of the ocean is always so humbling and rewarding, so the trip wasn't wasted by any means.

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