Sunday, May 4, 2014

Solander Sunrise

It was off to Cape Solander this Saturday with the Focus Seascapers, in search of a super sunrise. Although the rain threatened, and the colour was not intense, it was a beautiful morning to be out and about. I arrived later than the group so was glad I was familiar with the location as I was easily able to make my way to a couple of familiar rock formations. I was quite chuffed with my first image taken in the pitch dark. It made such a difference to be out of the wind and rain and on familiar territory for once. 

The first formation looks down upon the lower rock shelf which is a draw card for some of the boys who like to get close to the flow.

My little Powershot didnt do a stellar job as it just doesn't have the strength to deal with low light situations.

I love this second face that I've photographed many times over. Conveniently, it has a great little ledge where it's comfy to remain seated and plenty of room for a tripod or two. 

 It also provides a great vantage point for looking down at the waves crashing below.

As the sun rose, it cast that most beautiful golden glow across the rocks and the bonus gift for the day was a rainbow which appeared above the furthermost rock projection.

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