Saturday, May 3, 2014

Going Off At Potter Point

A big swell and high winds were predicted for today so Carolyn and I met up at Potter Point to see what we could capture. Although it was blowing a gale ( literally by wind definition) and we could hardly stand upright when close to the cliff's edge, we unearthed some interesting POVs to be followed up at a later date by walking towards Boat Harbour along the shoreline. A non anticipated wave washed over me as I struggled to experiment with some long exposures so I was forced to dry myself off with a salt soaked buffer.  It was exciting to see the height reached by the waves and we only wished the light had been better so we could capture some decent lighting on the cliff faces. A thickshake and burger at Silver Beach Post Office helped to ease the disappointment.
image: A fellow rock climber struggling to control his camera atop the cliff

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