Monday, May 27, 2013

Yena Sunrise At High Tide

One of my favourite times to shoot is just after the sun has risen and the new day's light casts a golden glow over everything in its path. I've not published most of my images from this time period because SOOC they look over saturated and I just can't bring myself to tone the colour down.  I went to Yena with Carolyn and we carefully made our way to our own vantage points close to the crashing waves. It was a beautiful mild morning and exhilarating to be down close to the water without having to scale any cliffs or risk life and limb. Just as well we had to waves to shoot because the sunrise was definitely lacklustre. Many of the craters in the rock shelf comprised of exposed Hawkesbury sandstone were filled with water which created some great opportunities for reflections.
 It was worth another trip back for me later on in the morning after we'd had breakfast at Kurnell. I spent some time on the cliffs at Solander to make up for the other day when the wind was blowing so hard that I was unable to stand upright or hold the camera steady.

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