Friday, June 12, 2015

Welcome To The World

Having been a while since we'd been on a sunrise shoot we decided to fill in some time waiting for the opening of the local wildlife park by making a quick trip to Audley. It was so peaceful with just the local kookaburras and ducks to keep us company and the muted light of an understated sunrise produced some magical reflections on the river's surface.

Two rowers were the first sign of a wakening human world.
 After the early morning start at  Audley, Carolyn and I eagerly hurried towards Symbio Wildlife Park hopeful of photographing the new addition to the koala population.

We had seen a delightful video announcing the arrival of a new Joey but unfortunately were unable to see anything more than a tired little face peering from mum's pouch, in spite of spending a few hours riveted to the koala enclosure.
As if the first mum and bub video wasn't cute enough. Check out this video of our baby koala joey's first cuddle with Mum. It's adorable! :)

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