Friday, June 5, 2015

Lying Low At Richmond

Had been planning a country drive with Mark Nolan from the Sutherland Shire Amateur Photographers Society and after a number of cancellations finally made it to the Richmond Lowlands. We were hoping for some fog which never eventuated but the location is a great spot for tree lined driveways, fence rails and ponds and of course it's close to one of my favourite spots, the Paulownia Plantation.

The Autumn colour was still clinging determinedly to many of the trees scattered throughout the properties and we spent a considerable time trying to photograph the geese and other waterbirds at Pugh's Lagoon. 

The Paulownia Plantation was inaccessible so we had to placate ourselves with taking some token shots from the highway and the side streets. I'd not seen the golden tinges on the tops of the trees before and the small white flowers dotting the surrounding grasses added a delicate touch to the scene. 
Another thing I love about this plantation is it's chameleon quality. Its moods and appearance differ with each changing hour and season. From the highway the dappled light spread a lacework pattern across the trunks.

The plantation is like a living battalion, trees lined in formations and the gnarled age spots resembling eyes peering from the gloom.
Only two trees had fallen and lay amidst their compatriots like wounded soldiers.

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