Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sandhill Explorations

Keen to source a new location for my 10000 steps daily routine, exploring the sandhills at Greenhills Estate was a task I'd been planning for some time. Unfortunately the strong wind made standing atop the hills unpleasant and created a challenge for scoring any decent shots. I doubt I'll return because the scenery is too repetitive and therefore doesn't create varied photo opportunities. Chatted with a variety of dog walkers. Intriguing that the dog walkers are generally a sociable engaging group while many other joggers, particularly young women and the yummy mummys seem to have an aversion to any sort of eye contact let alone a cheery 'good morning'.
The track through Greenhills provides occasional glimpses of Cronulla and secondary tracks leading down to the beach.
But apart from the myriad of tiny flowers, seagrasses and the occasional insect,  I don't think I would find a daily walk in this location enough to distract me from the boredom of walking 10000 steps.

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