Saturday, July 19, 2014

Super Swell

Large swells were forecast today so I was thrilled that I had the day off work. Unfortunately I have a lot to learn about interpreting weather reports. I know about tides, winds, swells, directions and all the lingo but for the life of me can't put them together in a meaningful way. I was thinking I should drive to Bombo, but made the decision to go to the Focus shoot at Maroubra pool having seen some pretty impressive images from there in the past. The waves were large and ferocious even at low tide but I've since discovered that the winds which developed were unfavourable and dwarfing what would have been truly gigantic waves. 
Waves are exhilarating to watch, and the bigger they are, the greater the degree of exhilaration. A pre requisite for my enjoyment is observing the action from a dry safe position. Waves are notoriously unpredictable and it is foolish indeed to tempt fate, particularly to turn your back on the ocean. Some of the Focus guys were standing a little too close for my comfort and paid the price of wet feet.

The rockpool was overflowing, and the waves were creating some amazing waterfalls cascading down the many rock formations. 
 I was amazed that so many of the locals who should be familiar with the unpredictable nature of water seemed to be quite happy to push the boundaries and stand far too close to the water's edge. Many rock fishermen are drowned at our beaches for being foolhardy enough to taunt Mother Nature with their perceived invincibility.  I was appalled to observe one dog owner calmly taking Smartphone pics whilst standing midst some cascading falls. Thankfully the dogs were not harmed.

One of my more 'weather literate' buddies was able to explain to me a change in wind direction was why I was disappointed with the wave show at Yena, which I also visited on my way home. It was still invigorating to be out there watching the surf.

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