Thursday, October 24, 2013

You Can Bank On It - Cape Banks Was Worth The Visit

Visited a few scenic locations with my cousin. Weather was perfect, just the hint of a breeze and a gentle sun.
 We began our tour at The old fort at La Perouse and then made our way as far as the tip of Cape Banks which I've previously only seen from across the water at Cape Solander. The waves were spectacular and unfortunately stills do nothing to demonstrate their majesty. We drove around from Bare Island and along Cape Banks Rd. parking near the firing range. At Fort Banks (opposite the helicopter base) we ventured inside what I believe was the old bunker and fortification complex that was used to protect the approaches to Botany Bay built during World War II. This bunker consists of sheltered concrete ammunition storage rooms below and a circular gun base above, with surrounding coastal views.We completely missed the larger one ( labelled F on the map) and seen below.

image courtesy of  J.W.C Adam
We didn't make it around to the Henry Head battery on the other side of the peninsular either so that's a location I would like to visit in future. Constructed between 1892 - 1895 with 2 BL 6-inch Mk V disappearing guns, the fort operated until 1910 when the fort became obsolete.

We did walk down to the furthermost tip of Cape Banks to where the wreckage of the SS Minmi can be seen rusting silently and uncomplainingly in the sun with gigantic waves crashing over its decayed bows.
A great summary of the locations and some detailed information about the batteries.
There is also a description of the walk and major signposts on Wildwalks.
Thanks to a lead from Carolyn, a photo buddy I used Pro Show Web to create a slideshow of sorts. Only disadvantage is the limit of 15 slides in the free version.

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