Friday, May 1, 2015

Fitzroy Falls Delivers

Sydney has been hit by heavy rains again but we didnt let it ruin our plans for a photo excursion. Travelling via Audley Weir where the foliage had been pretty much flattened we decided to head to Mittagong on the hunt for colour once again. First we had a brief stopover at Wattamolla where the Falls were flowing but unfortunately it was high tide so access to the shore was blocked spoiling the classic composition. 

The colour at Mittagong and then Sutton Forest was scattered throughout the region and we were lucky enough to sight a peaceful leaf strewn driveway after taking a slight detour. 
Driving on the less travelled feeder roads always produces some unexpected treasures. 
On the trip towards home we stopped by Fitzroy Falls. The previous time I visited this location, the view of the falls had been obscured by foliage, but this appears to have been removed. The rangers have done a wonderful job of maintaining this area and it is invigorating to be surrounded by our beautiful native trees and plants. The initial view from the first viewing platform was unfortunately hindered by the information plaque. 
Access to the next viewing platform was down a series of steps but provided an uninterrupted view of the entire Falls. We only had time to grab a reconn shot of the Falls before the rain drove us back towards the car.

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