Friday, March 13, 2015

No Show At Sandon Point

The idea was to capture an amazing sunrise photo at the Sandon Point Boatsheds.
The reality was an overcast drizzly day which nevertheless provided some great opportunities, and it's always great to get out in the open air with some fun company. It is important to coincide a shoot with a low tide otherwise access to the sheds is limited. 

Stopping at Wombarra on the way home we were treated to some decent wave action as the swell had begin to pick up. Unfortunately the weather deteriorated and the rain drove us back to the car.

The penny has just dropped that it was Friday 13th. Well that explains it :-)

As with any location, the image very much depends on weather conditions . The following shot was taken on a previous visit and created a much moodier atmosphere.

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  1. Enjoyed these. Good reflections. Must get back there one day. Very similar to the sheds around the lagoon at Boat Harbour in the 50s.