Friday, February 27, 2015

Wollongong Botanical Gardens

Joined two friends for a trip to the Wollongong Botanical Gardens. Although we arrived when there was some heat in the sun there were plenty of shady nooks to find relief. 

We were rewarded with some moorhen chicks frolicking amongst the water lilies and some pretty reflections. Moorhens have the most enormous feet, just perfect for their environment.

The much publicized Japanese bridge,  renowned for wedding photos. I'm guessing many a bride has fallen in this location.
 The water dragons love to compete with the ducks for scraps and take refuge amongst the water lilies.
Stopping off in Wollongong for lunch I yet again tried to capture a shot of the gnarled old trees near the foreshore. This was the first time it was not being used as a climbing gym by the local children, but I doubt that I've done it justice even though it is a better attempt than all previous occasions.
We then left the vicinity of the lighthouse and enjoyed experimenting with various compositions centred on a new sculpture which had come highly recommended, finally following the scenic coast drive back towards Sydney which is always far preferable to the highway.
 Nerine Martini created the Migration Project in 2014 to commemorate the contribution migrants have made to the city of Wollongong. It consists of one tall structure which features a boat and ladders reaching upwards in hope and three steel plates which represent components of the migrants' lifestyles.


  1. Great capture if the chicks. Love the tree.

  2. Looked like a very safe place to rear the chicks. I could have watched them for ages with their enormous feet hopping from waterlily to waterlily