Friday, January 3, 2014

Potter Sunrise

Met up with some Focus buddies for the first 2014 sunrise shoot at Potter Point. Weather was a tad inclement so I decided to stay close to the car park. Can't afford losing yet another camera to water damage. There was a small band of pink which adhered to the horizon, but that was the only colour we were to experience. I've learnt my lessons about smeared glass, unstable tripods and the challenges of using zoom lenses for landscape shots so I'm pleased to say I was able to capture some long exposures with reasonable success. And as is the tradition we completed our shoot with breakfast, this time at the Silver Beach Cafe at Kurnell. Potter Point offers so many compositions and the colours which paint the rocks under all conditions are just breathtaking. Feel privileged to have the opportunity to combine photography and shoots with like minded company. 
 The following shot was taken just a few hours later just down the road. It really is all about the light :-)

 I love it when the sun has just  risen above the horizon and the golden light paints the rocky ledges and surface of the water with a golden glow.

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