Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wattamolla Sunrise

Sunrise at Wattamolla (or that was the idea) !
Wattamolla is a sheltered cove with a sandy bar at the inlet behind which lies a lagoon fed by the waters of Wattamolla Creek and Coote Creek. This lagoon  then enters the sea via an ankle-deep (so they say) stream at one end. Coote Creek finds its way down another valley, then as a beautiful waterfall, it rushes over a sandstone rock face into the lagoon below ( sourced from Wikipedia )

Although the sky was very cloudy the rain appeared to be holding off so David Mills and I decided to give it a go. Walked down the path to the lagoon where we took some shots of  the lone palm tree and waterfall, then on to the beach where we had to negotiate the narrow channel to reach the sand. David assured me the tide was going out so apart from initially sinking almost up to my knees in something akin to quicksand I was able to take some shots looking out towards the horizon. Missed a great shot of some guys jumping off the rocks at the top of the waterfall. Must go back with my wide angle.
Reminder to self : Don't ask David again for his opinion about tides ! On the way back the channel was deeper and wider :-)

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